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Deed Poll Helpline

A comprehensive guide to changing

your name by Deed Poll in the UK

About Deed Polls

Changing Your Name

Reasons for a Name Change


Name Change Glossary


Time Saving Tip: The quickest and easiest way to change your name in the UK is to

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Certified Copy

These are official copies of your Deed Poll document - different to photocopies. They are usually obtained from same source as the first Deed Poll was, and can be used in place of the original document.



Change of Name Deed

This is more formally called a Deed of Change of Name or often simply a Deed Poll. A change of name deed is a legal document which enables one to formally change their name.



Civil Partnership Certificate

This can be likened to a marriage certificate. It is documentary evidence to show a couple have become civil partners.



Decree Absolute

This is the piece of documentary evidence that is used to show a divorce between a previously marreid couple. It can be used instead of a Deed Poll document for divorced women wishing to return to their maiden name.




A deed is a signed and usually sealed legal document in writing used to grant a right.



Deed Poll

A Deed Poll is a legal document that binds a single party to a particular course of action. The most popular use of a Deed Poll in the UK is to change a persons' name. This type of deed is also known as a Deed of Change of Name or sometimes referred to as a Change of Name Deed.


Deeds Poll

This is the plural form of 'Deed Poll' . 'Deed Polls' is often used instead but this is incorrect.



Deed Pole

This is a fairly common misspelling of what should be referred to as a 'Deed Poll'.



Deed of Change of Name

Deed of Change of Name is another name for a 'Deed Poll' of 'Change of Name Deed'.



Documentary Evidence

In order for organisations and departments to update their records to show a persons new name they will require sighting of some form of documentary evidence to prove the name change.




The Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency is the UK Government organisation responsible for maintaining a database of drivers vehicles in Great Britain. It is important to notify them following a change of name.




When a person has signed their Deed Poll document and had this signing witnessed they are said to have 'executed' their Deed Poll.



Gender Recognition Panel

The Gender Recognition Panel is responsible for assessing applications made by transsexual people for legal recognition of the gender in which they now live. If they accept an application they issue a Gender Recognition Certificate which can be used as documentary evidence for a change of gender.



Gender Recognition Certificate

These are issued by the Gender Recognition Panel when they accept an application by a transsexual for a gender change. This certificate can be used by transsexual people to show organisations that they have undergone gender reassignment and have their records updated.



Identity and Passport Service

The Identity and Passport Service is responsible for issuing UK passports and identity cards and for the registration of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales. After undergoing a change of name they are one of the main departments that will need to be notified.



London Gazette

The London Gazette is one of the official journals of the UK government. If a person chooses to have their Deed Poll enrolled they will also have to place an advertisement in the London Gazette.



Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate is the official record to show that two people have married one another. This provides documentary evidence of a name change for women who take their husbands surname upon marriage.



Statutory Declaration

A statutory declaration is similar in nature to a Deed Poll except that it must be must be sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths or a Justice of the Peace. Since it is a much less well known and less popular method of changing a name (partly due to the inconvenience and increased costs), people often have problems getting it accepted as evidence of a name change.



Supreme Court Of Judicature

If a person decides to enroll their Deed Poll document this must be done at the Supreme Court of Judicature (British Court).




In order to correctly execute a Deed Poll the signing of it must be 'witnessed'. This means that a suitable person must observe the signing and then sign to acknowledge this observation.



Time Saving Tip: The quickest and easiest way to change your name in the UK is to

Apply For Your Deed Poll Online.



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