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A comprehensive guide to changing

your name by Deed Poll in the UK

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Changing Your Name

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Name Change for Transsexuals


Time Saving Tip: The quickest and easiest way to change your name in the UK is to

Apply For Your Deed Poll Online.


Transgender or transsexual people are usually those who are born having standard female or male anatomies and feel that they have been born into the wrong body type. For example, somebody who identifies as transgender or transsexual may have a typical male anatomy but mentally and emotionally feel more like a female. They can then seek to become female physically by taking hormones or even electing to undergo sex reassignment surgeries.


Having had reassignment surgery many transgender people decide to change their name to represent their new gender. This change can also help contribute to the concept of a fresh start after surgery. Transgender can change their name change by Deed Poll to whatever they want to. Some choose only to change their forenames while others also make alterations to their surnames. In addition to the name change, a title change can be done simultaneously. For example, if a female-to-male transgender changed their name they could also change their title from Miss/Mrs/Ms to Mr.


Upon receipt of the Deed Poll document it must be signed in the presence of a suitable witness. It can then be used to update all official records to show the persons new name.


It is important to remember that by changing their name a person is not changing their gender. A change of name does however help demonstrate that you are living in your acquired gender. This only way to officially change your gender is by obtaining a Gender Recognition Certificate from the Gender Recognition Panel.


In order to change the name and gender on your passport you must first obtain a gender recognition certificate. This should then be sent off to the Identity and Passport Service, along with your Deed Poll, and your gender and name will be altered accordingly.


Time Saving Tip: The quickest and easiest way to change your name in the UK is to

Apply For Your Deed Poll Online.



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